Trip Teatro started its professional activities in 1989. lts mission is to protect and to spread the theater, especially puppets theater, as an authentic way of artistic expression and humanity material and immaterial heritage, through continuous study, exchange and practice.

ln more than 30 years, Trip Teatro has established itself as an important theater company in Brazil. lt has performed in all Brazilian capitals and many other cities, as well as 14 other countries in three different continents (South America, Asia and Europe). Always participating in important events in its field.


ln 2004, created a "Center for Research and Production of Animation Theater", in Rio do Sul City, developing cultural projects which has given to the company several awards, including the ltaú-UNICEF awards, as the "Best Educational and Social Activity Developed by an NGO in South Brazil".

Where Trip Teatro has performed:


Brazil (all states), Vietnam, France, England, Romania, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Hungary, Uruguay, Bolívia, Peru, Colombia and Chile.